WiFi strength icon stopped working...


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Jul 17, 2012
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Using a stock Honeycomb, unrooted HTC EVO View in the last six months. All has been A-OK. Just this morning, I noticed that strangely, the WiFi strength icon in the bottom tray no longer lights up. Only the dot is "lit" when I turn on and connect wifi and all the three arcs remain "unlit". It doesn't matter to which router I'm wirelessly connected to. Only the dot is lit, and all three arcs unlit. I've checked the WiFi strength status in settings and it says "excellent". Also tried WiFi analyzer app which indicates maximum WiFi strength. WiFi connection is stable and internet connection as well. It's just the WiFi strength icon that has seemed to stopped working or reflecting correct strength. I've tried soft resetting several times to no avail. Can't be some new app because I haven't installed any new ones recently.

Has anyone experienced this strange behavior? Any solution short of a factory reset?

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