X-plore player

Abilio Fernandes

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Nov 14, 2022
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I watch videos in the "X-plore player" of my Android TV, which are on a computer with Win 10 connected to the cable network.
I'm not watching movies from the internet.
I'm watching movies that are on a computer on my home network.

My smartTV has android tv.

I'm having a problem with 4K 20Gbs videos.
the player freezes at the beginning of the video

Is there any setting to not crash anymore?

another question :
Is there anything I can do to get all the audio and video quality possible when watching videos in the X-plore player? it can be program or configuration.

one more question :

what is the most efficient way to watch videos that are on my home network : FTP , DLNA , LAN , SSH or other ?