Xiaomi Redmi Note 4x - How do I get a bloatware-free Android 7 install from a developer?

Sep 24, 2015
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Hi again folks,

I'm wondering, who do I ask, to install a clean, bloatware-free install of Android 7 on a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4/4x for me? I've just today registered on xdadevelopers but I can't post in the forums yet (to find a developer to help me) until I post,. (catch 22?!), so I don't really know what to do about that side of things.

I'd REALLY like a CLEAN, resource-light install of Android 7, (despite the phone being more than capable of dealing with background interference from unwanted apps running etc) but without the masses of bloatware that is frequently a nightmare to deal with. I don't want to have to disable the bloatware apps (because even that isn't always successful) and I know I certainly won't be able to remove the bloatware - so it'd be better if it wasn't installed in the first place, right?

Obviously, there are some apps that are sometimes considered bloatware that are in fact essential for the OS to work, but save for those few apps, I'd like to have Android 7 installed WITHOUT the majority of the apps that ARE bloatware and ARE considered non-essential to the operation of the operating system.

The thing is,. could I do it myself without too much hassle/stress? Also, if I didn't feel I could do it myself, would developers do it for a one-off and would it likely cost me? If so, how much? Who could help me with the install? How long would it take? Can I choose which apps to omit from the package prior to the Android 7 [Nougat] install? Any advice pertinent to my query is welcome, thank you. :)