xperia z2 camera issues


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Jun 17, 2016
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Hi all, have just done the latest xperia z2 upgrade.- it says version 23.5.a0.575 - when the phone powered back up , it had removed the app (that I call) the camera launcher, which was an app on my screen that had 4 spots for four different cameras and it has also changed the basic camera, removing the camera that had a button for you to switch between cameras .. Also , when you go into apps and click on the camera , it will allow you to disable or force stop it , but not to reset it to the previous version , which I used to be able to do. Is there any way I can get these features back? I get really frustrated with the seemingly constant updates for my phone and each time it updates it removes an app that i find really useful. Right whinge over. if anyone has any ideas how to fix this I would be grateful, or am I doomed to the new settings??