Z5C Dead


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Dec 20, 2016
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I found at a music festival 2 months ago an Z5C with pattern lock,i kept it open for more than 1 month,no one bother to call,so i put it in the drawer.

Today i decide to take a look maybe i can fix it and use it for myself...So that's what i did.
The phone has a pattern lock and i tried to flash with emma /enter to recovery mode and some more things,none of them worked.

After a while i decide to give one more shot so i pressed volume up+down+power when the phone was off,after 5 seconds i got 3 short vibrations and now the phone is dead,no led when charging,can't connect to pc,dosen't respond to anything,anyone know what should i do? Also if i can open it again,what should be the reason that is not going in recovery mode?

Thank you for your time,have a great day!