1. bovineyard's Avatar
    I received my update Aug. 31 AM. The biggest problem has been a screen freeze about a minute or so after bootup. The only way to unfreeze it is to hang on to the phone firmly with my hand, shake it a little bit, and turn the screen off, and on again, sometimes have to do it several times before it will unlock.

    I did a factory reset yesterday morning, and couldn't make calls or data downloads afterwards until spending an hour on the phone with Verizon. (*228 did not work either) Finally had to do the ##778, and change some of the security and mip settings. Everything is re-loaded, and YES, still having the screen freeze issue at bootup, so I wasted a better part of my Saturday screwing around with that, with no noticeable benefit.

    Bluetooth has been a little buggy also, both before and after hard reset.

    I do like the wifi tether feature though.
    09-05-2010 10:58 AM