1. herbmmm's Avatar
    Guess I'm getting old! I forget how to mark a location I am at in Google Maps. If I'm setting in front of a store that I want to return to tomorrow how can I set my location so I can navigate to it tomorrow! (for some reason the store does not have an address!
    05-09-2013 03:10 PM
  2. aaron2tall's Avatar
    Go the the Maps app. Make sure that a wireless network of some sort is on (GPS and My Location helps more), then you press the icon on the top right, the GPS logo. It should show you where your current location is. You will be a blue arrow inside of a circle shaded blue. Tap the arrow and it should say "My Location". Tap the text and then it will show a menu as if it were an addressed location. Tap the empty star in the top right corner and it will light up. Now you can set directions to and from the store as well as see it on the map!

    Hope this helped
    05-09-2013 04:12 PM
  3. herbmmm's Avatar
    Thanks now one last question! How do I get rid of the stars on my map when I'm done with them?
    05-10-2013 12:43 PM
  4. signaltwins's Avatar
    on my car's factory navigation system(Lexus), I can start at home and set 3 destinations. Once I reach the first destination, the navigation system starts to guide me to the 2nd destination and so on.... is there a way to do this in Google Maps/Navigation on the Note 2?

    05-10-2013 12:58 PM
  5. moosc's Avatar
    Tap on the star icon on map it'll pull up the location then in the top right corner you'll see the star click on and it removes it from your favorites. Opposite what you did to save it.
    Thanks now one last question! How do I get rid of the stars on my map when I'm done with them?
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    05-10-2013 01:06 PM
  6. moosc's Avatar
    This to many favorites Marking waypoint in Google Maps-uploadfromtaptalk1368209263928.jpg

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    05-10-2013 01:07 PM
  7. bobnpaty's Avatar
    When I press the icon in the upper right (3 dots connected by lines) it takes a screenshot. I cant find any setting that would change that action.
    01-10-2017 06:50 PM

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