1. DarkSorrow's Avatar
    I tried to install this > [ROM][VRBLK3][4.1.1][RLS10] GalaxyMod `._ The New Transmission - xda-developers but when it finished it said I had unauthorized software on my phone so I figured I'd do a stock restore back to 4.0.4. When I did this and rooted the phone after it did the 2 software updates to IMM76D.I535VRALHE I installed root and Rom Manager. However this time I get no choices in Rom Manager. It only shows my Galaxy S3 phone and shows unsupported. I've done this restore and recover numiours times before with no issues now Rom Manager is acting up and will not let me select any phone. The list just shows 1 phone which is mine that's unsupported. How can I Fix this? I need to restore my backup rom I created with CWM. Urgent Help is requested. Thanks!
    12-09-2012 07:51 PM
  2. epidenimus's Avatar
    Don't use ROM Mangler. Just get off it entirely. Really, it's okay. You can still enjoy bourbon to your heart's content, just learn some discipline and avoid crutches produced by disconcerted money-grubbing {AC's filters removed this common word}ty developers who ignore all feedback from users.
    12-10-2012 12:56 AM

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