1. godsidekurt's Avatar
    So recently I noticed something that I wonder if anyone else is experiencing. Whenever I make a call to someone the last person I called picture and number comes up briefly. It wasnt always like this...its almost like some cache isnt clearing until the call connects and it then shows the new number. Its a minor thing so I havent posted it but I thought I would see if anyone has this issue as well.
    09-05-2013 11:15 PM
  2. Speedy3's Avatar
    I have experienced this as well. I thought that maybe I had not cleared the previous caller's info.
    09-05-2013 11:22 PM
  3. trucksmoveamerica#AC's Avatar
    Same here.

    Sent from my SCH-I545 using Tapatalk 4
    09-06-2013 05:00 AM
  4. pstellato73's Avatar
    I don't have this issue. I also use dialer plus most of the time, so maybe that's why.

    Posted via Android Central App
    09-06-2013 08:47 AM
  5. jjcampnr's Avatar
    Same here, sometimes it makes me thing I'm calling the wrong person until it clears and shows the right name/number/picture.
    09-09-2013 09:39 PM

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