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    Recently upgraded from an S3 to an S4 and have noticed some different behavior that I would think would be basic stuff that wouldn't (shouldn't!) change from one iteration to another. If anyone can help me regain these functions I would be grateful:

    - When typing a name (i.e., letters) on the phone keypad, I used to be able to press the star (*) key to get a space between first and last names. So, for example, pressing 5646* would bring up all entries with the first name "John" in my contacts. Continuing with 764 after the * key would then narrow the search to all the "John Smi..." names. Now, pressing the star key simply adds a * in the number and my list of potential names goes away since no one has that character in their name or number. I actually discovered this functionality on my S3 by accident well after I first got it and came to really depend on it. I have looked through all the S4 settings and there doesn't appear to be any way to manually set this. Hoping I'm just missing something somewhere.

    - Another surprise on the S4 was the inability to look up contacts on the phone keypad by ORGANIZATION name for those contacts with only that info. I have always stored retail stores and businesses in my contacts by entering their names in the Organization field, leaving the Name field blank. On my S3, if I typed in, for example, the number keys for F-I-R-S-T-N-A..., I would get all listing for First National Bank. However, on my S4, if I type in those keys, I get nothing but numbers. I have to then go to contacts, type in the name, tap the contact, then tap the phone icon to make the call. What a waste of time and steps. Totally bummed because I call a variety of businesses frequently. Again, hoping there is some setting I am missing.

    - When I look at my call log, I have always kept it set to show All Calls only and never show text messages. However, I frequently go into my log and find ALL CALLS AND MESSAGES showing. I change the setting, but inevitably it goes back to ALL, sometimes the very next time I view my log and sometimes it takes a day or two before it changes. Very frustrating.

    Thanks for any light that can be shed on these functions.

    11-01-2013 04:14 PM

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