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    Everyone hello.

    I need some insight as I have not found anything.

    First a description.
    Samsung Galaxy 4 on Verizon with a 16 GB Sd Card in addition to the 16 phone storage
    On The Verizon Edge, so rooting is not an option

    After the Android 5.0.1 update, my battery was horrid. None of the battery tutorials did anything positive, so I decided to do a factory reset from the phone not from the phone boot screen.

    Since this my battery issues have gotten much better however now I have (2) new issues that are almost as bad.

    My Wifi range is horrible, and my Bluetooth range is even worse. I had no issues at all previous to the upgrade. In Bluetooth audio streaming the audio stutters unless my phone is within 1 foot of the Bluetooth receiver. ( I know this because I installed the radio and know exactly where it is). Also, this was also tested on a Bluetooth speaker with the same results.

    I have since completed the following tasks with no fix:
    Cleaned the partition cache,
    cleared data on the Bluetooth apps from app manager,
    Unpaired and forgotten the Bluetooth devices and repaires (same issues remains)
    Forgotten the wifi (when visible) toggled the wifi switch
    Left the battery out for 30 minutes and restarted...

    I am at a loss, please help have a few months before I am upgrade eligible.
    09-18-2015 11:29 AM

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