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    Hi all. I'm new to my android phone, but have started to download some apps. Based on the keyboard review on android central I downloaded better keyboard. One of the the most appealing things of it was the ability to customize the keyboard (in the article he had a WVU theme). I haven't been able to find any good keyboard skins (other than colors and some other random ones). Anyone know how to find some other sports ones? I'm looking for either the Cleveland Browns (yes, I know they suck) or University of Michigan (yes, I know they've sucked recently too). Thanks for the help!
    07-15-2010 04:28 PM
  2. Brett's Avatar
    go to the market and search Better Keyboard. there will be a whole list of them though im not a fan of better keyboard. smart keyboard is my keyboard of choice
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    07-15-2010 05:53 PM
  3. ic3pO's Avatar
    Some one, some where in these forums had mentioned Uber Keyboard. I downloaded it today and was pleased with the customization options.

    I figured I've got 24hrs to find out if'n I liked it... Mikey Likes It!

    Heck, it was only $2.48 so if I find something better it's no great loss.

    07-15-2010 07:22 PM