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    Default Chromebook constantly freezing

    Anyone else having any issues with their Chromebook completely locking up when loading web pages? Specifically Facebook. I constantly have to restart the device; Facebook causes the entire system to become unresponsive until I hold down the power button for a good amount of time.

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    Default Re: Chromebook constantly freezing

    i don't own a chromebook but can u try to clear browsing data for your chromebook(don't know if that's the right name)
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    Default Re: Chromebook constantly freezing

    Is the issue only with Facebook? L

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    Default Re: Chromebook constantly freezing

    I'm having the same problem. I thought it was only with Facebook, but I'm having it happen regardless of where I go. It's incredibly aggravating.

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    Default Re: Chromebook constantly freezing

    What does your extension situation look like? Barring something weird that is messing with the browser, I'd be inclined to believe you've got some bad hardware. The ARM Chromebook is starting to show its age but it should still work for basic browsing on a website like Facebook.

    Test the notebook out as a guest or with a new profile first to get a clean experience. If you're still bugging up, power wash. If you've still got issues after that, you've probably got something wrong with the hardware.

    Is the laptop only freezing when you're browsing the web (lol I know stupid question since it's a chromebook but it can do some stuff offline now...)
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    Default Re: Chromebook constantly freezing

    I've done a powerwash, and I still have the same issue. I haven't done anything offline yet, but I"ll give that a try as well as trying as a guest.

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