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    Unhappy Gallery slow and can't scroll without "selection boxes"

    So suddenly my gallery is extremely slow when loading up, painfully so. But the most annoying thing is that suddenly when I try to scroll through my pics these "selection boxes" come up on all the pictures and whatever pic I touched to start scrolling down is "selected". Did I do something somewhere to cause this? I don't want to select multiple pics, I just want to scroll and tap to open like before. I'm not seeing anything in settings. It's driving me batty!

    Galaxy S3 running 4.3
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    Default Re: Gallery slow and can't scroll without "selection boxes"

    Welcome to Android Central! Might I suggest you post your question here, since you have a Galaxy S3, and you're not running ICS (which is where you posted): Samsung Galaxy S3 - Android Forums at

    Try wiping the system cache partition from the Recovery Menu. You won't lose any personal data or settings: [Guide] Rebooting into Recovery Mode for the Galaxy S2, S3, and Tab2.
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    Default Re: Gallery slow and can't scroll without "selection boxes"

    I am inclined to agree with the cache wipe.

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    Default Re: Gallery slow and can't scroll without "selection boxes"

    Oops! Sorry I thought 4.3 was ICS, I'm obviously not the most in-the-know person on this Thanks for the suggestion, if it doesn't work I'll post in the other forum!

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