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    Red face Android 4.3 / HTC Sense 5.5 no emoticons?

    Just updated my HTC one mini to 4.3. Since updating emoticons do not show up in text messages when i type them or receive them in the standard format such as ": )" they stay as the code. They do not show up as an actual emoticon like Is there a way to enable emoticons to appear or am i stuck with selecting emoticons from the drop down menu each time I want one. Also when receiving texts with emoticons in codes such as ": )" they do not show up as emoticons. What is going on! Cheers
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    Default Re: Android 4.3 / HTC Sense 5.5 no emoticons?

    Perhaps it's a bug in the new operating system.. if it really bothers you then reset the phone, but other-ways wait perhaps they will release a bug-fixing update. Anyways if I were you I would inform HTC of this issue.

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