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    Hi there,
    Recently I installed 9Apps App on my phone. After that it automatically started downloading many apps and they all were installed as system apps. As soon as I came to know I turned off my WiFi/Data and unistalled 9Apps.
    I have root access. So I tried to uninstall those malwares using "System App Remover" "SuperSU" "Titanium Backup". These all apps say that "uninstall failed". So I tried to delete those apks from "/system/apk" by mounting system R/W using "ES File Explorer" and "Terminal". None of them works. Even I tried uninstall by ''Recovery Exploit" but it also doesn't work.
    When I switch on my DATA/WiFi these apps again start downloading new malwares and 'INSTALLING THEM AS SYSTEM APPS' which I'm unable to remove. I've also performed a "CLEAN FACTORY RESET" but it also doesn't work.
    Also I scanned with free antivirus it says they're malwares.
    The following are those malwares
    --Amazon Shopping App
    --some porn apps
    I can't uninstall any.
    Please give me suggestion.
    Or if reinstalling my ROM is the only option. Thanks. My phone is iBall Andi 4-B2 (3G) IPS
    07-06-2016 08:32 AM
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    If you used those tools properly, then those apps are buried into the system partition pretty deep and your only option is a full reload of the factory software (which formats those partitions and destroys the data).

    About the only other option I would think is if you have a custom recovery installed, you could boot into the recovery and go into the files and remove those APKs manually, but there's always the problem of finding whatever app is the primary cause. If you can't remove that, you won't be free and clear.

    Reload the full factory image... yeah, that's probably your only sure-fire way of cleaning your phone.
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    07-06-2016 08:38 AM

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