because of the new tiered plans kicking in I was planning on getting a new android phone later this summer but now want to do this quicker.

I tried living with a tablet only and I am going to sell my tablet and go back to a phone I like this much better.

So I have some questions since I now need to buy one in the next week.

1. I live in a 4g area but I don't have to have 4g.
2. I would prefer a phone with gingerbread but at least someone that is believed will update it to that soon if not.
3. Battery life is not as important to me since mine would stay plugged in most the time since I work at a computer all day.

I would like one that will be good for a while I had the D1 and loved it had it for almost 2 years when switching to the tablet so I am sure any current phone will blow that away but want something that I can use for a while nad allows for some hacking.