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    Default Phone Won't Boot. Hard Reset Not Solving Problem

    After confirming my Google account, loading all my apps, etc., on my Nexus 5, I was prompted to download a software upgrade (I assume to the latest Android OS; sorry, I didn't pay attention and am not familiar enough with these things to know exactly what it was). I accidentally switched off the phone in the middle of the update. Since then, the phone simply won't boot. The screen with the 4 animated circles just hangs indefinitely. I completed the hard reset using , but the problem persists exactly as before. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Default Re: Phone Won't Boot. Hard Reset Not Solving Problem

    Nexus rootkit can probably help. Not sure though

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    You'll need to flash the factory images onto the phone.
    Here's a guide on how to do it for the Nexus 7, but it's basically the same thing, just replace the images with the ones for the Nexus 5
    [GUIDE] Nexus 7 - Factory Image Restore

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    Everything in this post is 100% accurate...I think

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