Hi guys,

I have not found a thorough solution to my problem so far; and please take me as a complete *****, as I have no cell phone skills at all. I've read root your phone and etc but have no idea what that means.

Basically my problem is:

I got my Desire like a month ago, a used phone. Worked perfectly so far, but yesterday it froze down while using an app. I took the battery out and tried to reboot, but the cyanogen mod screen kept on looping until my battery died - so for like an hour. I tried rebooting it by pressing down on the home+volume down+power button - took longer for the phone to get over the htc start screen but that damn cyanogen mod appeared again.

So if anybody has the patience to tell me what the hell I should do exactly, I would be really-really-reeeeeeally grateful.

Thank you!

ps - i also tried taking the battery out for like half an hour - meant no help.