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    Default should I put my evo4G on craigs list?

    hey guys, here's my questions; should I put my EVO 4G on craigs list and ask for 300$ or a trade for the evo shift?

    How is the evo shift in regards to the evo?
    I'm currently running cm7RC1 on the evo and I love it.. but I'm no a real big fan of the soft keyboard...

    Think it's a good idea? thanks
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    My philosophy: Buy from eBay, sell on Craigslist.

    That said, don't take less than $300, as that's the going rate on eBay.
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    I wouldn't, the shift is a nice device but its a step down. Go to the thunderbolt.
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    I'm at the same crossroad and thinking about downgrading to the shift. I know saying downgrade will wake up the gods of shiftology but it is solely because of screen size and numbers on paper at least. I have tried both and I personally have the evo. I love the shift because of the size but really not sure if it's worth the step down.

    Anyway back on topic. I sell phones on craigslist all the time and it's usually for more than ebay. There are people out there that are scared of ebay and are willing to pay more locally.
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    if ..
    you dont need a front camera
    or need a big screen..

    then shift is great.. it has better performance and battery life
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    I have a friend with the Shift... Seems like a nice device. The slide out keyboard was very stiff, and did not move very well. The keys seemed "mushy," for lack of a better term. My friend really seems to like it.

    As for Craigslist, I agree with Droid-One. When people can meet in person and see the item before they buy, there is a a sense of comfort. People will pay more for that. Craigslist is also not as competitive as eBay, so prices tend to be higher. On eBay, I think there are fees to be paid to eBay for selling items.

    I would try Craigslist first, and you can always put it on eBay later.
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    I am not a big fan of the on screen keyboard, but I like the physical landscape keyboard on most devices even less because of how far apart the keys are.
    Having a portraid keyboard, like a Blackberry (i happen to carry a BB Torch as well for work) i have noticed i type better on a smaller keyboard versus a spread out wide keyboard.
    I go between an EVO and EPIC (currently with the EPIC and probably will sell my EVO soon) and i have yet to use the physical keyboard on the EPIC. Its a nice concept but untill you actually use it to see if you like having the keys spread out so far then it might not be right for you..
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