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    Default GPS works fine, but cannot navigate?

    Not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but since the latest update, my HTC One cannot properly navigate in Google Maps...

    The GPS would be able to locate my current location, but once I start navigation, it cannot update my location as I drove/walked...

    Tried clearing cache. Didn't help.

    Any ideas for a fix?
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    Default Re: GPS works fine, but cannot navigate?

    might be worth a try:

    check in your settings > location what *mode* this service is currently in.
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    Default Re: GPS works fine, but cannot navigate?

    It's high accuracy.
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    Default Re: GPS works fine, but cannot navigate?

    try clearing the data, as well as the cache (on the same page).

    terminate the app and re-launch.

    for what its worth i've had an issue not long ago with google maps whereby the directional arrow was wonky, pointing in all directions except the one that it should be pointing towards.

    although not as critical as your issue, it seems to have solved itself on its own as of late.

    if your GPS works (you can check with other apps - such as waze) it might be an issue with google maps app.

    another suggestion would be to uninstall the app altogether and re-install it.
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    Default Re: GPS works fine, but cannot navigate?

    The same story.take a long time to lock location.need to use GPS fix app to start working. Sometimes doesn't work .I don't know why it's doing like this..

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