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    Default GPS makes the phone really hot

    I've used the GPS navigation a few times now for various length trips (10 mins, 30 mins, 4 hrs) and noticed that the phone gets REALLY hot from having the GPS on. Is this normal with everybody else's phone also? Kind of disappointing..

    On a related note, is there a good app for reporting device temperatures so I can quantify this data?
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    Default Re: GPS makes the phone really hot

    GPS running will always heat up a device a bit, its another chip running inside which does get things cooking on occasion along with eating battery.

    Reporting/monitoring battery temps, etc... I know there has to be more out there but first app that comes to mind is Spare Parts. Its been around for awhile but does report battery temp, and other things normally not presented to us.
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    Default Re: GPS makes the phone really hot

    I know GPS will heat up the phone, but on the One S it seems to be significantly hotter than the iPhone 3GS I recently switched from. On the One S it's about at the point where I'm concerned that my phone shouldn't get that hot..

    I'll d/l the app later tonight and try it out. Thanks.
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    I've had an overheat type issue, but it appeared to be more of a poor/no signal problem combined with a heavy upload/download session. I use GPS heavily all the time with navigation, like all the way across the country for example, and didnt notice any problems associated with GPS.

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    Default Re: GPS makes the phone really hot

    In regards to overheating issues I thought I will share my findings on One X which might be relevant here too.
    Well after getting device One X would get extremely hot even though it was in a holster I was not using it whatsoever and battery would drop from lets say 70% to 30% in about 5 minutes. I sent it back to be fixed and they changed the battery but same issue happened again. After testing few things I buttoned it down to LTE signal. When I am at work I am i area where phone have LTE signal barely detectable but just enough for phone to constantly re-acquire it and not fall back to 4G and because of that it would get toasty. As soon as I would switch it to 4G manually it was cool as ice and battery would be 70% after 10 hours of use. Anyway bottom line is location where I spend most of my day has week LTE signal and device is struggling to maintain it so it overworks itself.
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    Default Re: GPS makes the phone really hot

    I also have had the GPS make my One S extremely hot and so much so that it eventually turned off. I talked with T-Mobile and that technical support person explained to me that the phone is designed to shut down before the phone ever reaches any sort of temperature that can damage the phone. I still suggest downloading an app to monitor the temperature just in case. Furthermore, I believe this only happens if the phone is also charging while using an intensive app like gps or Pandora.

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