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    Talking How do I update to 4.4.4 if I am rooted


    I recently rooted my phone after receiving the 4.4.3 update. I did not use a toolkit. I used the directions at this link ([GUIDE] Nexus 5 - How to Unlock Bootloader, … | Google Nexus 5 | xda-developers), installed TWRP custom recovery and flashed the SuperSU binaries.

    Everything is working well. I would now like to update to 4.4.4 but I know I will not get the OTA from Google since I am rooted.

    My question is how can I update to 4.4.4? I prefer not to use a toolkit. Can I just follow the directions at this link ([TUTORIAL] How to flash a factory image | Re… | Google Nexus 5 | xda-developers) and flash the 4.4.4 (KTU84P) factory image. If I do so, I presume I will lose root. Will I also completely wipe my phone (i.e., restore to factory settings) or will I retain my contacts, app, photos, etc.?

    Thank you for considering.
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    Default Re: How do I update to 4.4.4 if I am rooted

    I ultimately found a link with a good explanation for updating the phone rooted or not.
    [INFO] Nexus 5 OTA Help-Desk | Google Nexus 5 | xda-developers

    My new question is if I rooted my Nexus 5 and modified the "settings.db" to allow tethering on T-mobile, can I still just flash the 4.4.4 zip file via TWRP or is modifying the "settings.db" considered enough of a change to cause a failure if I flash the 4.4.4 zip file via TWRP?

    Thank you
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    Default Re: How do I update to 4.4.4 if I am rooted

    So I ended up finding the zip file for Android 4.4.4 and installed via TWRP recovery. Part of the process recommends a wide date/factory reset which deleted all my contacts and apps, but DID NOT touch my internal memory (i.e., photos, videos, music, etc.) I also lost root on my phone, but that was fixed with install of SuperSU zip 2.00.
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    4.3 unlocked and rooted

    Default Re: How do I update to 4.4.4 if I am rooted

    I updated OTA from .3 to .4 no problem at all. Lost root so I had to re-root it but no hassles.
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    I got the OTA today and didn't lose root, going from 4.4.3 to 4.4.4. I even have Franco's kernel installed, though I have stock recovery still.

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