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    Default Apple v The World question

    The latest Apple suit over the search patent brings up a question in my mind. I'm not an attorney so it may be viewed as a dumb question.

    In their defense, can Samsung argue the validity of the patent since the search technology in question existed prior to the patent? I am trying to think of a way around our (U.S.) stupid patent laws.
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    Default Re: Apple v The World question

    I hope they can. The update pushing out that takes away universal search bugs me. Palm had it. I can understand the court making them take it away in future phones (actually, I can't), but to reach out and grab it off my already-purchased phone reeks of thugs breaking into my home and stealing it outta my hands. I am concerned that Sammy acted hastily, taking it off phones that were not even part of the suit, and doing so before the court forces them to. At least provide a workaround so we can still search locally. Is there any way to stop the update to my phone, or to restore the functionality to my unrooted phone after the damage is done?
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    Default Re: Apple v The World question

    Yahoo/Google had universal search on desktops in what 2002? HP/Palm had it on handhelds in 1998 I believe? But Apple patented it....ugh
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