Hi everyone,

I bought an unlocked phone and it worked fine. However, when I connected it to Kies, it told me that I should upgrade it to ICS. So I did. But it froze halfway, and I decided to pull the USB cord on it thinking that I would be able to just not upgrade it and that it would be fine. All the phone says is that the Firmware upgrade failed and that I should connect it back to Kies to try and get it to recover. I tried it and the emergency recovery thing didn't work. The recovery mode doesn't work either. It just stops loading halfway through.
I figured that I should try and completely re-install the phone, but Odin gets stuck on NAND write start.

Since I bought it online and it's unlocked, I doubt I can go to a retailer and ask them to help. I'm completely stumped and I have no idea what to do now. I just bought this phone and I'm super frustrated already.

Any advice? Please help!