Hi guys,
I'm not sure if this would be best served in the Galaxy S3 forums or the Xoom forums, but here goes.

I have a 2011 Ford Edge Limited with the most up to date version of Sync. I have the Xoom mounted in the car and I would like to use that as the main media center. My GSIII connects automatically to Sync when I get in for phone calls and text messages, but even though I do not have the media audio option selected in the bluetooth settings on my phone (I only have the call audio selected), it automatically connects my music from my phone to the sync when I actually want my xoom to connect. Is there any way to get the GSIII to connect only for calls and texts while having the Xoom connect to the entertainment portion of sync automatically? I can get this to work after messing around for a few minutes everytime I turn the car on, but I would rather have this happen automatically. Any suggestions? I really hope my rambling made sense.