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    Question Galaxy Nexus Questions

    I have a sprint galaxy nexus and I was wondering if there is any way of getting it over to Straight Talk. I have searched through hundreds of pages and I find bits and pieces of how it might be done. So my question is has anyone found a good guide on getting this done? There are a few websites that charge to do it but if I can do it myself I would like to. I also would like to know if there is a way to change the MSL. I already know my code but want it changed. If there is nothing I can do I will most likely use the phone for a music/movie player for work and bed.
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    From a quick read, it will require software that's not easy to come by, an active straight talk (cdma) smartphone (you'll probably have to pay for that $$) to basically gut for the numbers to make the Sprint phone match it.
    We're talking tools that basically write the radio firmware side of things. One small misstep and you've got a paperweight, two actually... There is no "good guide" because of that.

    Have you tried to call Straight Talk and see if they can offer support for your Sprint GNex? Some CDMA MVNO's will just put your esn into their database and give you the settings that you need via the msl programming menus...

    IMHO, it might be easier/safer/less costly to sell your Sprint Galaxy Nexus (a clean esn will net you ~$150 or so) and use those funds to get a GSM Galaxy Nexus (or even a newer Nexus 4 or 5) that you can put a straight talk sim card into.
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    I looked on their bring your own phone but it seems they do not currently bring Sprint Nexus over to them. I am used to the advanced tools but I was hoping maybe an easy fix like unlocking the phone like you used to be able to do with the old cdma phones. I guess I will see if I can get something out of it on Ebay. I really like the phone so hopefully I can get one just as good.

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