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    Default S3 - Broken LCD, but glass is intact?

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Phone worked fine, put it on charger and went to bed. When I picked it up in the morning the screen had a blue & red hue and was unresponsive. After close inspection, I can see some fine cracks through the screen, but these are not cracks in the glass. Thoughts?

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    Default Re: S3 - Broken LCD, but glass is intact?

    S3's have two parts to the screen. There is a piece of glass on the top that is glued to the phone and under that is a digitizer. That is the active part of your screen. I would guess your digitizer went bad. If you still have warranty I would take it in. If not, there are some on eBay and plenty of youtube videos you can find to give yourself a tutorial on how to fix it.
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    Default Re: S3 - Broken LCD, but glass is intact?

    Thanks, Lyndsey. I took the phone to AT&T this morning and they said if it was sent in Samsung would simply say it is damaged (of course they want to sell me a new phone too...). I've seen many smart phones with cracked glass and the phone stills works. But I'm wondering how the LCD can actually crack with no apparent damage to the case or outer glass. If this isn't common, maybe it should be warranteed.
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    Default Re: S3 - Broken LCD, but glass is intact?

    Actually there are 3 parts. The Glass screen the Digitizer and the AMOLED Display.
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    Default Re: S3 - Broken LCD, but glass is intact?

    Soreading colors ike that generally indicate impact damage. The drop could have happened previously and the problem became visible only later. While it's possible it just failed, you'd have a hard time convincing Samsung. Especially if there are visible cracks, no matter how fine.
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    Default Re: S3 - Broken LCD, but glass is intact?

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