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    Default Bluetooth problems

    Hey guys,
    I was using stock ROM for a while (2-3 weeks) on the sgh-t889 to stream Spotify to my headunit, and then for some odd reason after some updates whenever I hopped in the car to turn on bluetooth it would lock media volume and only control call volume using the rocker volume up/down button. Bluetooth never connected even after I unpaired the device, reboot phone several times and still nothing. So I uninstalled all updates before the problem started and still could not get it to pair properly.

    So I installed Tweaked ROM and phone worked fine( about 2 weeks). Just the other day I ran into the same problem, but this time I had no updates or recent new applications installed.

    Im considering installing another ROM, but I'd hate to keep switching ROMs to avoid the persisting problem.

    Anyone have a solution or can steer me in the right direction?

    Much appreciated.
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    Default Re: Bluetooth problems

    Welcome to the forums! Have you gone into system settings > applications > bluetooth (not sure what the name is on your device) and clear cache/clear data? That might help. If not, consider a factory reset - it's a bit unusual that it would just suddenly stop working if you were on the same ROM.

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