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    My official Samsung T-Mobile Vibrant Official 2.2 Froyo Review
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    The Kies Mini application keeps force closing on my pc. It detects my girlfriend's Vibrant but then stops working and I'm being forced to close it.
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    Another thing I just found: When I turned on my phone, the T-mobile jingle is ringing (extremely loudly) even though I have the system volume turned all the way down (the sign off jingle is off though). Anyone else having this issue?
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    Quote Originally Posted by suniljdsouza View Post
    I chose the ask option and I rebooted and it finally gave me the upgrade option. Unfortunately, it said my battery was too low to upgrade! I recommend rebooting though.
    This just happened to me also. smh
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    People keep talking about all these GPS problems, i've used mine for a while now and yet to have any problems with it.

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    You know whats really awesome about this? Those of us that have been waiting forever get all excited yesterday that we are getting an update. come to find out those of us that don't have home internet cuz our phone internet is sufficient and also have jobs that will fire us for pulling a stunt like downloading software to update our phone, well seems we are fu**ed yet again. Thanks t-sung! Thank you for succeeding to always be a piece o sh*t. Good day......
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    Mine upgraded with no problems at all. I'm really surprised they got rid of the stock Android keyboard ('cause the Samsung one is such a great replacement, right?). Well, at least we don't need to "sweep" the lock screen anymore (seriously, I was embarrassed for Samsung with that slip up). Using the computer to upgrade reminded me way too much of my Palm OS days 10 years ago.
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    The new update has a new screen lock?
    That was one thing I hated with the way this phone has been set up, slide to unlock is atrocious. Glad to hear its fixed just wish that I had a home PC to download and install this update.
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    well i just completed the upgrade, first attempt was troubling though. i was beginning the upgrade process then it said that it could not upgrade and that i needed to pull the battery and reboot the phone and retry the upgrade. after pulling the battery and rebooting i tried again and to my surprise it actually worked smoothly. the reboot after the upgrade completed is taking its sweet time though.
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    was pretty simple. just make sure your phone is set to kies before you plug in the usb. the part that took the longest was the downloading binary files (ive got slow internet) but the installation probably didnt take more than 5-10. total time spent was about 20-30 minutes, including installing kies and updating it.
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    Stock 2.2 on both!!!


    Got it!!!
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    Finally got mine to work. I guess the "Unregistered device" just means "We're not ready to give you the update yet."
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    Vick: Hi, thank you for contacting Samsung Technical Support. How may I help you today?

    Visitor: i cant get samsung kies to work with my cell phone

    Visitor: on samsung kies it says. kies does not support this phone

    Visitor: on kies mini it says unregistered device

    Visitor: the device is registered

    Visitor: and i have the galaxy s phone - vibrant

    Vick: I understand that you are unable to connect to Kies mini, am I correct?

    Visitor: yes both kies softwares

    Vick: Thank you for confirming.

    Visitor: another question?

    Visitor: are you a real person or am i talking to an automated?

    Vick: I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

    Vick: Please go ahead.

    Visitor: are you a real person?

    Visitor: or automated?

    Vick: I'm sorry. I'm a real person.

    Visitor: ok making sure :smileyvery-happy:

    Visitor: so are you going to help me or????

    Vick: Yes. Absolutely.

    Vick: Just to confirm, may I know the exact error message while you connect the phone?

    Visitor: unregistered device

    Visitor: on kies mini

    Visitor: on the other kies

    Visitor: it says

    Visitor: this phone is not supported by kies

    Vick: Just to confirm, did you register the phone with Samsung?

    Visitor: yes

    Vick: Just to confirm, did you receive the notification on the phone regarding the update?

    Visitor: no?

    Visitor: what update?

    Vick: I see that you may get connected to Kies mini only if you may receive the notification. However, Android 2.2 is released for your phone and you may receive the notification in couple of hours, then you may get connected to Kies to update the firmware.

    Visitor: so why is it saying unregistered device?

    Vick: I'm sorry. I recommend you to perform the soft reset to troubleshoot the issue that you are facing with the device. This might fix the issue.

    Vick: 1. Turn off the handset.

    Vick: 2. Remove the battery and wait for 30 seconds.

    Vick: 3. Reinsert the battery and turn ON the device.

    Vick: Please perform the above the procedure and let me know the status.

    Visitor: doing that now

    Vick: Sure. I will be waiting for your response.

    Visitor: ive been reading forums and alot of people have been able to get this update

    Visitor: while alot of people are still having the same problem that i am having

    Vick: I'm sorry. The update is released in Phases. You will also receive the notification in couple of hours that you may update the firmware.

    Visitor: ok but once i recive this notification

    Visitor: does that mean ill be able to use kies without having problems?

    Visitor: it says

    Vick: Yes. Exactly.

    Visitor: Model Name : SGH-T959 (myphone#)

    Visitor: Firmware Version : Unregistered device

    Visitor: Firmware upgrade :

    Visitor: its not letting me connect at all

    Vick: I'm sorry. I see that you might be able to get connected once you receive the notification.

    Visitor: ok thanks vick

    check that out....

    Source Re: Mini Kies not working (unregistered device) - T-Mobile Community
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phil Nickinson View Post
    Finally got mine to work. I guess the "Unregistered device" just means "We're not ready to give you the update yet."
    That's just a little ridiculous, that really took all day for you to be able to download froyo to your phone.
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    Default Updated Vibrant through Kies...here's how

    Ok, it took me a couple hours, but someone on T-Mo's forum did post the correct steps for doing the Froyo update on the Vibrant. I've done 2 of them successfully now with these steps:

    -Download & install the version of Kies from this link: www.TinyURL.com/KiesMini.
    -Once it's installed & BEFORE connecting your phone to the computer, go into the phone Settings>>Applications>>USB Settings>>select Samsung Kies>>then go to Development & check USB debugging. Hit your home button & HIBERNATE THE PHONE (press the power key), THEN connect it to your computer & watch the magic happen. Good luck, all!!
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    I had to wait till I got home, so I started at 6 or so eastern time. Didn't have usb debugging on, phone wouldn't connect. Then it did its thing flawlessly. Updated and ready to roll.
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    ohhhhh boy. that sounds very similar to the conversation I had with Samsung today too. The conversation also included many statements from their rep that started out with "I guess you can..." what do you mean you GUESS I can?! Absolute ridiculousness.
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    Will this update work with an unlocked T-Mobile Vibrant?
    if I apply this update will my phone become locked again or what?

    Please, reply back and thanks.
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    Stock - Maybe OC Kernel


    ok upgraded my roommates vibrant. went smoother than i was expecting. backed everything up, put it in kies mode, ran kies. updated without a hitch.

    was expecting it to wipe the phone in the process. all apps and info stayed put. verified it was running 2.2. only thing that got reset was touchwiz.

    btw his phone is completely stock. updated via xp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronindan View Post
    That page is outdated; that page are intructions on how to update J16 which is just an maintence update.
    The page is dated 29-11-2010

    How Do I Update The Software On My T-Mobile SGH-t959 (Vibrant) Phone To JI6 Through Kies Mini?

    How can it be outdated?
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobaka View Post
    all that wait and you're getting only ~900 on quadrant?
    with Cognition ROM on Captivate quadrant gives over 1500
    gee thanks samsung
    I'm not real familar with the Captivate but first looks at the feature list and change log on the Cognition Rom I see it has a custom over clocked kernel and other heavy mods. I would expect that Rom to push some high quad scores.

    Using Cognition ROM vs Stock Froyo is a unfair comparison.
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    I think this version of froyo is just a port from the galaxy tab. When I go onto facebook, it recognizes my phone as a tab
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    2.2 SGSII/Immortality-V1

    Default Problem found

    I found one problem after I updated, the browser keeps FC'ing when I want to start it, and says to try again, when I do same thing happens. Any clue on this?
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    2.2 SGSII/Immortality-V1


    Nevermind, I managed to clear its data on applications and now its working.
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    Stock, not rooted


    Did anyone get it to work on kies without receiving the notification to upgrade on their phone? I tried to update using kies mini earlier today, but as others have stated, it said "unregistered device". At work now, gonna try again when I get home. Thanks and Congrats to those of you that got the upgrade to work... This has been a very long wait! Hope I can get it to upgrade.
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