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    Default Skype

    Has anyone with Gs3 had a problem with Skype?

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    Default Re: Skype

    I have Skype on my S3. It works beautifully as long as I'm in a solid 4G area. Sucks if you are on 3G with screen freezes or no screen at all and just voice. Luckily I'm in 4G most of the time so it works great.
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    Default Re: Skype

    I can't get it to connect. Dials my contact then says failed.

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    Make sure they are online on both ends and make sure they have video enabled. If they aren't able to see video and you try to do a video call sometimes it will fail. Also if they are using a connection that doesn't allow secure connections (like if they tether with pdanet and haven't paid for a subscription) it will kit connect.
    Also make sure they are accepting the call.

    I also have it on my s3 and it works great. Worked on 3g when I was on a business trip as well, crummy video quality but still worked well.

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    Default Re: Skype

    Skype used to be decent, but it has steadily gone downhill for a couple of years. If you are doing phone to phone video calling, I much prefer to use Tango.

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    Skype has been a big let down for me on S3. On 4G with 2-3 bars it fails a lot and if it does run, its pretty terrible reception. Sometimes if its good on one end, its bad on the other. Wasn't thrilled with Google + Hangout either. Maybe I'll try Tango if that works better???
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    Worked great on my gs2. Sucks on my gs3. Used it over wifi - video on my end looked horrible and was told I kept breaking up on the other end. I had even cleared all data and rebooted because it wasn't allowing me to connect at all.

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    We have it on both phones. But the person with the s3 can not use the video calling

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    I've been having problems with it on my S3 recently. I couldn't even get past the login page earlier. Once I login a contact was missing. I tried re-installing and restarting my phone to no avail.

    The iphone version seemed to work better.

    I'm going to give Tango a try next.
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    I haven't tried skype on my phone, but heard about the bad reviews. My niece told me about Tango and we used it. Had no problems really. Only used it once, but seemed to work fine.
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