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    Default Wifi Password won't save and Hangouts MMS broken after 2.10.605.1 update

    After I updated to 2.10.605.1, I've experienced two problems. The wifi password will not save; I have to re-enter the password everytime I turn wifi off/reboot/go into airplane mode. Sending and receiving group messages/MMS with Hangouts is now broken after the update. Before the update, it worked perfectly. Anyone have any solutions for these issues?
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    Default Re: Wifi Password won't save and Hangouts MMS broken after 2.10.605.1 update

    A hard reset should solve both of these issues. Google Play will save all of your apps and the One has a unique way of finding the apps that were installed prior to the reset and reloading them. As for your pics and vids and other items, as long as you don't choose to wipe all memory none of them should be affected by the reset. If you are overly concerned or worried Google + will save all of your pics and vids, your other items can be saved with any backup app. My Backup Pro is a paid app that offers a free 30 or 14 day trial to back up your SMS and MMS items, and your call history. Between Google Services and Big Red's Backup Assistant you should have all of your contacts back once you setup your device.
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