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    Default Stuck at 3 birds

    Hello, new here and about to slam this stupid tablet into the concrete.

    It wasn't working well, so I tried to download TnT lite and then cyanogen (spell). I tried to install cwm and that didn't work, so instead of continuing down a dead path, I thought I would do a factory restore. I went into recovery and did that and now I cannot get the stupid thing to go past the 3 birds with the phrase "booting recovery kernal image".

    It won't do anything.

    It will not go into recovery mode.

    I have tried going into apx mode, plug into my computer and my computer will not recognize it.

    I have drained the battery.

    Popped the back and hit the reset button.

    I can't nvflash it, I can't reinstall anything....nothing works.

    Any suggestions?
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    Default Re: Stuck at 3 birds

    I am running TnT Lite on my g tablet. I called g tablet Tech Support and they say I should be running Vegan ROM Beta 5.1. However, my g tablet will not go into recovery mode. I can shut it down, but any attempt to go into recovery mode, it just reboots. Help? 

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