1. PhoneShenanigans's Avatar
    Please see attached screenshot taken whilst scrolling through my Nokia phone settings... Am I being paranoid? I'm particularly concerned about daemon program or whatever, as I've noticed it present in my system apps (usually hidden), and for the most part granted full access to modify apps such as Phone & Camera...
    Should I trust this unknown app that has access of control to the extent of 'no permissions denied'? I'm finding it hard to ignore a lot of the system apps that I've only now just discovered...

    Please answer! Sorry if ridiculous question / please explain regardless + much appreciated!
    Attached Thumbnails PLEASE: What is 'VceDaemon' program / app / file, & is it harmful? Reoccuring in system apps?-screenshot_20220210-141002.jpg  
    02-09-2022 09:40 PM
  2. Javier P's Avatar
    Welcome to the forums. Daemon is a generic name in Linux for processes that run in the background. Some Nokia models have an Spreadtrum SoC and it seems that yours is one them. Those seem normal system apps.
    02-10-2022 05:44 AM

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