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    Good evening, I'm new here!
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, I bought it from a friend with glass broken, it came with O.S 4.1.2.
    When I turn it off I don't have sound at all, I use to fix this problem with a call by pressing speaker button (like a manually audio start) then turn off the call, and the phone work as new.
    This have to do every time when the phone turned on/restart or anything like reboot system.
    The phone got the new update OS 4.3 same problem, and same solution for the sound problem
    Today I installed the OS 4.4 Kitkat and again no sound at all, the trick with the speaker button doesn't work anymore, but if I make a call and press speaker button I have sound but only in that call.
    The music player is running but there's no sound, videoclips are running just fine but in "mute" mode. I don't know how to turn on the sound manually like before.
    There's an app called Android Terminal Emulator like run command for windows, some experienced users maybe know the command to turn on the sound. PS I'm desperate!
    02-26-2014 02:48 PM

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