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    Micromax unite2 rooted and flashed TWRP through flashify app. I installed dolby atmos zip file but the sound quality was not up to the expectations. I observed very little difference in sound change. It was playing good though. I just wanted something incredible sound mod. After lot of search in the internet I removed dolby and flashed Viper4 zip file using flashify and when my mobile rebooted, it started giving hissing noise only (no booting tone or phone call ring or sms tone). For every notification I hear only hiss as weak signal radio. So I flashed recovery image still not solved. I did factory reset. I lost all sms data and some useful apps but still the continuous hissing sound is there for music play or incoming call or sms alert etc. I can't hear ringtones. I can hear music by default player with headsets on but the equalizer disappeared. It gives error "unfortunately Music FX has supported. I deleted cache, deleted data in music fx app but no result.
    In addition to that I cannot add existing google account in the device. It says "problem communicating with google servers, try again later." My device current version is kitkat 4.4.2
    Please help me solving this "audio" issue and "google account" issue as well. Thanks in advance.
    08-18-2016 11:49 AM

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