1. Vincent Gilbert's Avatar
    Hey all. I've done some searching, but I'm not having any luck. I hope you power users can help me.

    When I use OK Google from anywhere to do anything like send a text or Set a reminder, when it completes the action, it never goes back to what I was doing before. It just stays at the OK Google screen. This kind of defeats the purpose of hands-free if I then have to manually navigate back to my previous app.

    E.g. I'm driving and I'm in Maps navigation and decide to use OK Google to set a reminder. Once the reminder is set, I'm left at the OK Google screen and have to look away from the road to tap back to navigation.

    I used to have an iPhone, and Siri would just do whatever and then get off the screen. An I missing something? Is there either a setting to change, or way to get back to the previous app using voice command?

    04-09-2016 01:13 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! What if you tell Google Now to Open Maps?
    04-10-2016 05:46 PM

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