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    If you are in a business where secrecy is an issue, but, you need public cellphone text messaging, then this is the app for you!

    Simply and quickly send encrypted messages, and only share the password with the recipient to decrypt and read.

    This app is not meant to replace your existing messaging system. It is meant to be a small, quick and powerful message encrypting app..

    How it works:

    1) Start App
    2) Choose Compose Message
    3) Enter Phone num, Enter Message, Enter Password, press send.
    4) If the recipient replies back with an encrypted message, then Choose List Messages from the main menu..
    5) Select the message to decrypt, enter the password, then, press Decrypt.. You will see the human readable message.

    Note: The message data is encrypted on the senders phone and sent the whole way to you as encrypted text.. even as it flows through the phone towers and wires... even as it flows past prying eyes such as competitors, spouses.. even stalkers..

    none of them can see it..

    How many times have you left your phone unattended.. never sure if co-workers saw that last text from your boss.. messages that may have had important time or money sensitive information.

    Remember.. the easiest way to read somebody's messages is to borrow their phone.. who says no; especially to friends and co-workers..

    Ever have to go and delete a message because you didn't want anybody to read it--(just after)-- someone asks to borrow your phone. Everybody has.

    Now, just save these messages as encrypted and be safe.

    This sends encrypted messages, and store encrypted message to your inbox.

    It does NOT store any contact or password information. If it's not stored, then it can't be hacked.

    All messages are contained in one sms message. There are no multi-part messages. This eliminates message confusion.

    Due to the bloat after encryption, there is a 60 character limit to the message length.. this is a fair trade off for the super strong encryption: AES compliant with RFC 2045 & Base64-Encoding.

    New! Long press on any message in the list and save it as an encrypted message in your inbox.

    You and your associates will use this app like a tool. It was developed as a personal tool and wide spread use amongst myself and friends made me decide to bring it here.

    Keep your passwords strong and stay thirsty my friend. ;-)


    10-02-2012 01:55 AM
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    update release
    11-19-2012 02:46 PM

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