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    Your baby is growing and changing every day, which is why we've created this app. Use it to track your child's development from day one until first birthday.

    Baby Calendar is a well planned application that helps parents keep track of the essentials in caring for baby - feeding, diapering and sleeping as well as vaccination, teething, growth and weight, bath and milestones/special moments - all in one place.

    To help manage some of the worries, use this app to track feeds, diaper changes and naps. Keeping a first solids journal can help determine if your baby is having problems with any of the new foods being introduce. At each feeding, record what your baby ate, his reaction to the food, any possible signs of an allergic reaction.

    From the moment your baby is born, this app will give you the opportunity to record any unique events on your calendar, such as the first time your baby rolls over or the first smile, etc.
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    10-28-2012 12:14 AM

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