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    Remote Web Desktop 4.9.1

    Requireents: Android 1.5+
    The powerful web desktop for Android phone. It provides web-based access to your phone from the comfort of your PC or laptop. It works via a WiFi or USB connection, and some 3G connections.

    1. Web SMS: provide an outlook similar interface to send, read, and manage your messages. Support long SMS, mass-sending, and fake SMS.

    2. File Explorer: manage SD card files and transfer files between phone and computer. Support multiple upload by drag-and-drop (for HTML 5 browser), image viewer, Media Player, etc.

    3. FTP Server: provide a high speed channel to transfer files between phone and computer, enable you to manage sdcard files in Windows File Explorer, browser or FTP client.

    4. WiFi Keyboard: allow you to type on your phone using your computer's keyboard.

    5. Shared Clipboard: share clipboard text between PC and phone.

    6. Webcam: turns your phone into a wireless camera, view your camera with web browser

    7. Screen Capture: capture phone screen from web (for rooted phone)

    8. Wallpaper: set phone wallpaper by upload a picture or online picture.

    9. APK Web Installer: backup apps to SD card, and install APK through File Explorer of web desktop.

    10. Personal Web Server: serve your personal web pages on your phone.

    11. SSL HTTP: provide 512 bits RSA encrypt

    # Many new features are coming soon.


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    05-07-2011 01:59 AM