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    Since I bought my HTC based in Android OS, I have been with Dolphin Browser. Frankly, I am an ***** in technology. I choose products up to my sense. Owing to the lovely name and recommendation of my friend, I chose Dolphin. I chose it and I love it.
    The basic features, like gesture commands, multi-touch zooming, bookmarking (that syncs to Google bookmarks) are to my taste. Also I like its innovative UI. Every time I open the UI, I feel happy. Innovative features and versatile add-ons make me do what I want to do. It is really convenient and suitable for lazy guy like me.
    Anyway, to err is man, so as the products. There are many features in Dolphin Browser to fit different users demand. Some I do not need but I have to. For example, the long press menu feature in Dolphin HD since v4.5 update really caused a lot of trouble. I am used to put my finger in blank area when I am browsing and so every time the menu comes out unexpected.
    The bookmarking feature makes it easy to store what site you want. A few days ago, I did a research about animal in Australia so I stored every site easily for review. Now I am asked to know about technology companies, I also want to store all sites. There are so many sites now that I cannot find one easily. To delete the sites about animal will do me a favor. What a pity! I must delete site one by one. It frustrated me a lot. I sent my feedback to Dolphin Browser official website blog and found some had the same problems with me.
    Now, the Dolphin Browser HD v4.6 is in Android Market. There are some highlights:
    1. Enable/ disable long press menu. This feature is in Dolphin HD since v4.5 update. Some, like me, say that it is unnecessary and inconvenient. But for others it is really convenient to use. So in Dolphin HD v4.6, it add a setting for us to enable or disable this menu. The browser has a spirit of liberty and democracy.
    2. Bookmarks Batch Mode. We can delete multiple bookmarks at a time. That is what I want and I did a research on how to use it. Now let’s have a look:
    1) Access bookmark page or choose a folder, then click “Menu”, the “Batch mode” is in the bottom menu.

    2) Choose All, all bookmarks in this folder will be selected. Then you can choose to delete or move them all to other bookmarks folder.

    3) If you just want to delete some bookmarks, ticking the little box in the front of each bookmark will be ok.

    Isn’t it nice and wonderful?
    3. Gesture Store. In Dolphin HD v4.6, there is a concept of “gesture store”. More actions now can be completed by gestures. The gestures become more but easier to remember and operate.
    4. Open a URL link in a new tab by default. Earlier, Dolphin Browser has the function to open a URL link in a new tab by holding on it and choosing “Open in new window” option in context menu, it is not easily to notice this action for some users. And for others who always prefer to open links in new tabs, to hold on each time is also very annoying. So now, Dolphin adds Open in new tab feature in settings. Once choose it, all links will be opened in news by default.
    As a user, I really appreciate the good effort Dolphin made to make the browsing experience easier and faster for everyone.
    You can download Dolphin Browser HD v4.6.1 by scaning the QRcode below, Dolphin team is the best team I had never met before, since they never leave out any feedback from us, the loyal users. You can find these in their twitter, Facebook, and you can send an email to them and see.
    Their email: support@dolphin-browser.com
    There is official websites of dolphin:http://www.dolphin-browser.com/
    04-20-2011 05:08 AM
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    that's cool , there's too much book marks on my browser. i was wondering how to delete all the marks. thank you
    04-27-2011 04:44 AM
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    that's cool , there's too much book marks on my browser. i was wondering how to delete all the marks. thank you
    Thanks to the Dev's of Dolphin! They make our an easier to browse.
    04-28-2011 02:37 AM