1. auntbeard's Avatar
    I'm a former BB user, and one thing I loved about my BB was the "today" on my home screen that showed my next 3 upcoming events. I know it was simple, but I loved it! The only thing I can find comparable is the calendar widget in agenda view, but I dont like the date stick-it not thing, and it will only show the upcoming events in this month. (that is annoying since it is the end of the month) I just want my next few things to show, just like with the BB. Has anyone seen anything that will help with this? Thanks in advance!
    04-30-2010 09:49 AM
  2. nyc_rock's Avatar
    In the app store, try "Pure Calendar Widget".
    04-30-2010 09:51 AM
  3. TheReclinerJockey's Avatar
    If you just want the next few try Smooth Calendar or if you want more (sms/mms, gmail, facebook & twitter too) try Executive Assistant.
    04-30-2010 01:03 PM
  4. s-one's Avatar
    I'm too a former BB/Today user... use Calwidget from the Market.. it will do exactly like the Today screen in BB.
    04-30-2010 01:08 PM
  5. joggy's Avatar
    In the app store, try "Pure Calendar Widget".
    +1...also coming from BB. Pure Calender is great and highly customizable.
    04-30-2010 01:28 PM
  6. o2bnclemson's Avatar
    Another vote for Pure Calendar. Ditto what Joggy said about it above.
    04-30-2010 02:02 PM
  7. auntbeard's Avatar
    I bought Pure Calendar before I read the post about Calwidget. I tried Calwidget, and now am bummed that I lost $2.00. For what I am looking for, Calwidget is the winner. Pure Calendar is very close to what I was looking for, but I didn't like its bulky date at the top. I just want a very simple display. Thank you all!!!
    04-30-2010 02:30 PM
  8. auntbeard's Avatar
    ooo.. I spoke too soon. Smooth Calendar FTW! very clean display, but the next few things coming up. Perfect! thank you nyx528!!
    04-30-2010 02:34 PM
  9. auntbeard's Avatar
    Oh sweet! I just deleted Pure Calendar and it refunded my money! I am liking Android more and more!
    04-30-2010 02:37 PM
  10. terpitude71's Avatar
    Oh sweet! I just deleted Pure Calendar and it refunded my money! I am liking Android more and more!
    yep, every android app you pay for gives you a 24 hour refund period if you dont dig it
    04-30-2010 05:24 PM
  11. bobstudent3's Avatar
    The HTC calendar widgets aren't bad.

    I'm using Jorte right now (free) which isn't as pretty as some of the ones mentioned above, but it overlays the text on top of grid (like a nice mix of Pure Grid Calendar and Smooth Calendar).
    05-05-2010 03:44 PM
  12. MowDownJoe's Avatar
    I happen to like Android Agenda Widget. Works real nice.
    05-05-2010 05:17 PM
  13. JF's Avatar
    Smooth Calendar is my favorite.
    05-06-2010 04:38 PM
  14. credo's Avatar
    I happen to like Android Agenda Widget. Works real nice.

    I agree. It is simple and the settings menu is sufficient.
    05-06-2010 06:57 PM
  15. kjparfekt's Avatar
    does the Incredible have multiple different calendar widgets? how to they compare to Calwidget?
    05-07-2010 08:28 AM
  16. gottria's Avatar
    So is there one that is close to the HTC calendar widget? I like using Launcher Pro but need to have a full month on my widget.
    06-06-2010 06:50 PM
  17. Chris5#WN's Avatar
    Smooth calender is exactly like the stock EVO/android calenders ... but there seems to be some concern with whether or not it updates itself each day as on the widget there is a button to manually refresh ...

    Also if you set it to click to calender for a blown up view you can't go back into settings, you have to delete the widget and re-apply ... still beats the stock one with its laggy and buggy updates, mine was saying it was yesterday all day today and any events were passed over because it was already on tomorrow
    06-06-2010 07:41 PM
  18. gottria's Avatar
    I have that one installed but can't figure out how to have it display the whole month, like the HTC one.
    06-06-2010 08:41 PM