1. BlackHawkA4's Avatar
    So I've seen polls/posts about which app is better; but, that's for people who are actually using a multi service app. My question is how do you access social networking in general.

    I've tried Tweetdeck and Seesmic. Currently using Seesmic which has more features/options than Tweetdeck. (Like block, unffolow, etc).

    Although, lately I've been having some small issues with Seesmic:

    1) Comment counter not accurate. (Can live with that)
    2) Deleted posts (Both from myself and others) are still showing in the feeds. Which, is liveable when you know YOU deleted YOUR post; but, when someone else's deleted post is still there it's a little annoying.
    3) And comments not showing up. (Facebook so far on this one.)

    Edit: Whoops left out the Poll. I guess just reply:

    1) 1 multi client app;
    2) App for each service
    3) Use the website
    08-09-2011 05:06 PM