Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra - Poor signal from LTE/5G (UK) (EXYNOS)


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Aug 4, 2017
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Hi all

I've bought a S22 Ultra 256GB recently and having trouble with the network signal on LTE and 5G.

When indoors the phone gets only 1 bar of LTE and very poor speeds (barely enough to send a text message over a messaging app) I have never seen it connect ot 5G once yet after having owned it for few weeks now.

I have checked networking apps and it tells me my signal is around -120dBm constantly. Rarely i will see the bar go up to 2 or 3 when outside.

I have noticed this low signal issue is also effecting the battery life causing a substantial drain. If i change to 3G only in my network settings the signal improves and i get a longer sot and use in general.

This is pretty poor since i never had any issues with my old cheap Xiaomi mi10T Lite 5G, it even connected to 5G a lot of the time. >:[

I've browsed around and found countless threads about this issue posted years a go with the S22 ultra but found no fix. even some users commenting they have replaced motherboards and attenas at repair shops with no change.

I have tried resetting all settings including re-flashing stock firmware with Odin. (upon first boot of the phone from a flash the signal is full but then turns off and when it comes back on i get 1 bar)

I read a thread about activating all bands in service mode for US variants that i wanted to see if i could try but its since been patched so not sure if that would help me or not...

A few bits of information that may help diagnose the problem;
Model: SM-S908B/DS
CPU: Exynos 2200
One ui 5.1
Android 13
Baseband version: S908BXXS6CWF6
Service provider software version: SAOMC_SM-S908B_OXM_EUX_13_0162_EUX/-/EUX/H3G
Security patch: 1st july 23

-Phone is not rooted and knox is intact, never flashed a custom rom or recovery.
-I am in the United Kingdom currently using the GiffGaff network which runs off the O2 network.
-I have also tried changing carriers to EE and 3 but the problem is the same.
-Sim's still work in other phones just fine and receive decent signal.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be or a possible fix? (i am open to rooting / flashing a custom ROM if it would help)

Thanks for reading!
- Ash
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