1. SnyperX's Avatar
    I am currently using DroidWall and it works fine for what it is. What I don't like is that it's either all or nothing for apps with Internet access.

    Moved from a 3gs that was jailbroken with the IP firewall, I think it was called. This app basically prompts you for every little thing trying to access the Internet. So if not app needed Internet, it would ask yes or no, this time only etc.. Also, if the same app had ads inside, it would prompt for that connection as well. So you could block ads from appearing and such. It is also very handy for just monitoring anything wanting to send and receive data, not just for adblocking.

    Does such an app/firewall exist for android?

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    08-19-2011 03:28 PM
  2. gilbequick's Avatar
    I use DroidWall. I haven't found one like you're describing, but I'd definitely buy that app. If you do find one be sure to post up a link.
    08-21-2011 07:05 AM