Date, time, time zone, IP address and location

Escola AUtruista

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Sep 2, 2022
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I need to know what is the Marco Zero ( The Root brain ) of the Date, time, time zone, IP Address, and Location.

For example:

Date, Time, and Time zone ( In automatic mode ) come from the carrier and NTP servers I think.

IP Address come from the optical fiber internet broadband...

And location from GPS.

Well, I think this is correct, isn't it?

Which is the main root of all of these items?

I need to know because I'm using a Motorola Moto e6i with Android Go Edition.

Why on the earth this is stuffs doesn't have accuracy 100%?

The second question is:

Does exist some way to synchronize the Date, Time, and Time zone ( in automatic mode ) with an official APK of an official NTP/ Nist server of the world without Root Rights on the device?

I use the to monitoring the time on this device...

Fun fact is: even the cellphone is configured with date, time, and time zone in automatic mode...

There is a little lost//variation//oscillation in synchro of Date, time, and time zone...

This is normal?

Also, happens in NTP Nist Official servers of world?


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Jul 7, 2013
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If you need absolute time accuracy - go get a device synced directly to an atomic clock. Maybe there's an app that will display a time synced to one?

Cell phones are not highly accurate time devices, they sync to the cell provider but the cell provider is not highly accurate. For info on NTP/NIST -

The source of the IP address on your device depends on the connection it's on. On your home connection - the IP address is coming from your WiFi router, not directly from your provider. If on cellular data, the IP address is provided by the cell tower/provider.