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    hello all,

    As mobile penetration is exceeding more than internet penetration, applications that are offered via mobile phone are available to a greater number of people than those offered on the Internet. Because people carry their mobile phones with them all the time, while most computers are connected to a specific location, Mobile applications that are offered via mobile phone are accessible everywhere and at all times. This is especially important in case of delivering urgent News and contents to users handset. As we know people are moving to latest technology day bay day and because of lack of time, they want to get everything on their mobile handsets.

    By understanding this need of current era, our company HiTec GSM Solutions has developed a new application called MobiTicker which user install on android handsets. MobiTicker is a zero-click application that pushes personalized information at subscribers via an always-on, scrolling ticker that runs along the bottom of the screen when the device is in idle mode. You can even show your sponsors and advertisement messages on handset. MobiTicker can deliver a wealth of different contents direct to users.

    Users can pull news/RSS/contents these channels are managed by Mobitickers server and extremely cost-effective way of exposing users to new services. A selection of aggregated channels (news, lifestyle, business, etc) that users can choose to subscribe. Users can also manage settings, choosing to run MobiTicker in teaser or detailed mode, again depending on their preferences.


    Deliver targeted, operator-fixed channels that help raise user awareness of new mobile services, subscriptions and products.
    Galvanize the downloading process through a genuine one-click solution.
    Flexible Channel Management
    RSS Feeds
    Mobile Advertising

    you can download the app from below link:

    I looking forward to heard from you and I am waiting your comments about it.
    02-13-2012 11:27 AM
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