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    so i was writing an email through the gmail app. it was a long email. halfway through, the delay in typing became unbearable. i was 5 words ahead while waiting for the app to catch up to my typing. it was a long delay/lag with this. im not sure why the phone was doing that (or the app?) my battery was plugged in so it wasnt dying. i was over wifi. (using a galaxy nexus btw)

    i tried doing it now but it wasnt repeating.

    anyone ever encounter this?
    04-02-2012 10:07 AM
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    i would like to re-encounter this. i have jb installed and at first i assumed it may have just been ics but it does the same exact thing with jb.

    when im typing an email in the gmail app, after a long paragraph or 2 (depending how you define ur paragraphs, as mine are long) the lag starts and it really sucks bc i have to literally type very slow, one letter at a time for the phone to catch up.

    i am ruling out memory as i have over 15gb free on the phone.

    the only thing i can possibly assume is i have over 3000 texts in my messages (yes i like to save texts and dont delete all of them bc i used to save them when i had ijunk and had zero issues) one time i deleted all of them and went to write another long email, it wouldnt lag at all as i recall and if this is the case then its absolute garbage that this issue hasnt been addressed.

    any suggestions?

    i feel like this thread should be moved to either the jb thread or samsung gnex
    10-05-2012 10:28 AM