Gmail Notifcations NOT showing up at all...


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Oct 1, 2010
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Hi All: happy saturday.

i've used my S22 Ultra from the moment it was introduced Feb 2022 until recently. my S22 Ultra would constantly reboot itself - maybe 20 or more times a day. i was going to stick it out and suffer through it since Feb 2023 is close, and i thought i could get through another couple of months. but, after around 3 months of this constant rebooting, i can't stand it any longer because it would reboot during a call or in the middle of me writing an email, thus totally interrupting productivity.

i bought an S20+ when the pandemic started 3 years ago, and never even taken it out of the box. so i took it out, did a Samsung Smart Switch, and started using it yesterday. it seems ok initially, until a new problem is discovered:

my gmail does NOT give any notifications whatsoever on my back up S20+ phone. i'm returning my s22 Ultra due to it rebooting constantly, and the insurance is giving me some money for it, because they ran out of stock on ALL S22 Ultras, regardless of color. for the next 2 months (until i receive my S23 Ultra), i'll depend on the S20+.

i cannot get gmail to give me ANY notifications whatsoever. i looked through Apps and made sure gmail was allowed to receive notifications, and selected the appropriate notification sounds.

i don't know where else to turn?

hope i'll hear from some of the good folks here and we can come up with a diagnosis and resolution.

thank you.

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