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    I am using a droid bionic and I just have to say that the new operating system is wonderful it hands-down beats the old one. I am running a double battery that seems to help a lot and juice defender and I just downloaded es taskmanager. I went to es TaskManager because I read from people who know more than I know that these task managers don't do you much good.. I can read between the lines antics make sense certain operations will occur whether you like it or not. It's very important to which you could keep on those operations and turn the other ones off. It saves you battery juice with giving them on. Otherwise you have to automatically restart those anyway. And I am not a phone person at all. So I don't need all of this Facebook our online social media... But I do go to twitter quite often from my phone and it does not seem to have an effect on my battery life. I trade currencies and futures.I only recently went to juice defender. I'm impressed thus far. I think I have received 30% more than the other application I was using on battery life. Just my thoughts.

    I would highly recommend other applications such as go sms pro,, color notes, score mobile, AccuWeather, 4g toggle to turn off your 4G,3g, etc. I often have Wi-Fi at home-it's like click.. And file manager is an application. Have you often wanted to find something on your phone and just couldn't find it in the way of they download. Well, here's your answer,..
    01-13-2013 05:33 AM

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